Gallery - Tintoretto, Juan de Flanders, Mario Sironi, Mimmo Paladino, Giambattista Langetti, Giacomo Favretto

Tintoretto, born Jacopo Robusti (1519-1594)
St. Jerome's Vision of the Virgin
end of 16th century
Oil on canvans
122x112 cm

Juan de Flanders
Christ nailed to the Cross
14th - 15th century
Tempera on wood
7x13 cm

Mimmo Paladino (b. 1948)
Sacred South
Mixed technique on canvas and wood
240x240x12 cm

Giambattista Langetti (1635-1676)
Supper at Emmaus
Oil on canvas
125,5x99,5 cm

Mario Sironi (1885-1961)
Tempera on canvas 
18x16,7 cm

Mario Sironi (1885-1961)
Madonna and Child
Pen drawing on paper
13,4x8,4 cm

Giacomo Favretto (1849-1887)
The Jesuit church in Venice
ex - voto
Oil on canvas
30x25 cm